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Converge Technology Co.,Ltd

OS ELECTRONICS CO.,LIMITED is specialized in foreign trade of electronic components, ICs, electronic products, etc. The company is an independent distributor overseas for hybrid and urgent electronic components, which is market-oriented distribution of various types of active components (IC integrated circuits, memory chips, transistors, etc.) and passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.) as well as electromechanical components (connectors, switches, devices), etc., to reduce costs and provide a full range of one-stop electronic components supply chain solutions, including the supply of urgent components the OEM excess processing, lower costs, reduce delivery time and series of solutions for the full set of BOM supply. At the meantime, we are the agents for all types of electronic components, passive components (chip resistors, capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, coils, etc.), the active components (MCU, MOSFET, power management chips, etc.), to provide customers with cost-effective products and technical support. The OS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED provides a fast-track stock location and procurement service. We rapidly source allocated, obsolete, hard-to-find, military and long lead time devices. Operating around the clock, we try harder than anyone to solve your problems. Our web site lists inventory from franchised distributors, stock lists, and OEM excess. Please visit our Stock Search page for an immediate overview of product availability.

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